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To Pancake, or Not to Pancake, That is the Maple.

Weekend Edits!


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Surreal Photos.


photo copy






Photoshop is the devil.


78907727.jpg Animal Rabbit




-Gillian Beilschmidt


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Sell The School!!




This is the poster I had to create. The motivation was: “Sell the school.” ūüôā

-Gillian Beilschmidt

You ass

Colour Folio


Complementary Colours:

Provide a sense of Tension and Drama.


The colours I’ve chosen are¬†Orange¬†and¬†Blue.¬†These are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, so they convey a certain sense of tension/drama. The two colours directly oppose each other on the wheel, thus they¬†complement¬†each other. It’s lovely!


Analogous Colours:

Creates a sense of harmony and tranquility.

photo 2

The colours selected for this photo are¬†Yellow¬†and¬†Green. These colours are right next to each other on the colour wheel, so they blend with each other rather well. Like Red would blend with Orange, then into a dark Yellow and so on. The two colors blend in harmony with one another – they don’t have to be forced into changing into that colour (Or so to speak).


-Gillian Beilschmidt



I See The World in Black & White


This is the project I have been working on, using everyday objects as letters.

Keep in mind, I didn’t manipulate the items. They were all found like this.¬†I had to fix a few of them so you could actually see the letter though.

Here’s the PDF. Enjoy!~

B:W Alphabet(PDF)


 -Gillian Beilschmidt

Composing Composition


In today’s class, we were asked to explore composition and find six examples.

So here are mine!~

The Horizon Line.

The key aspects for a Horizon Line photo is that the horizon is not straight through the middle of the photo. Like so:

The Portrait.

The best way to identify ¬†portrait photo is to notice that is the person is looking a certain way, wherever they’re looking, the frame has space. Like this:

The Golden Mean.

The golden mean follows the general 5:8 ratio.

The Golden Triangle.

The triangle aids the picture and keeps everything balanced.

The Rule Of Thirds.

The rule of thirds uses the grid option on most phones/iPods/cameras. As the photo below shows, the main aspect of the photo is lined up where the lines overlap.

The Leading Lines.

This form of photography has one object that leads the eye to the middle of the picture. It’s usually a path, trees or fences, but it can be anything!

That’s all!

– Gillian Beilschmidt

Zthe Prussian Derp.



I’m Gillian, an I honestly have nothing better to do with my time at the moment. This site is for the photography class I’m taking this term. Hopefully I’ll have something up soon, something extremely awesome. Vwhy? Because I’m Prussia!~


– Gillian Beilshmidt


The Prussian Derp

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